About Us

JERK Engineering is a company centered around motion; call it the Nomadic Lifestyle, the Adventure Life, or living the Overland Experience.  At jerk Engineering, we constantly have your lifestyle in mind.

Form, Fit, and Functionality drive our designs, drive our solutions to the challenges faced while you live the adventure life. Safety is a primary pursuit in every design, in every product, and remains a continuous pursuit for our company, as we want you to live out loud, safely, in all of the areas of our amazing and beautiful country, and world that you choose to adventure to! 

Why are we jerk engineered products? Well, we dream up, design, prototype, and move into production, and sell products that assist you in your pursuit to adventure, to be out in motion, free to move and to be wherever you wish… We are a company of motion. jerk is the physics term defining the rate of change of acceleration, just as acceleration [a] is the rate of change of velocity [v], (speed), jerk is is the rate of change of acceleration, it’s the third derivative of displacement [r], (distance)… Think of when you are in a powerful vehicle or roller coaster that launches at the start, and it starts to accelerate quickly, it jerks your head back and presses your body into the seat, you have, at that moment, felt the thrill of ‘jerk’! 

We provide innovation in design to bring products to market that support the adventurer’s desire to wander. We passionately work with the principles of safety, quality, and product reliability at the core of every action and decision within the walls of Stoltek Engineering and JERK Engineered Products.