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Mule Back XL

Mule Back XL

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The Mule Back System is the exceedingly versatile and innovative way for you to configure the critical gear you want to travel with. Mount almost anything to the Mule Back: Bikes, skis, cargo boxes, fuel cans, the list only ends when you are through. Additionally, with our FTSN  (fixed thread single nut) design, items can be quickly switched based on the trip you will be taking! The MBXL Series is an all aluminum design which is light weight without compromising strength. Its design gives you a multitude of mounting options for you to find your perfect v gear configuration. 

We have applied engineering design to the geometry and strength calculations, and with an innovative design (patent pending) have created a system that does not piggy-back off of the hinges of the van, therefore there is no need to force the use of only 180-degree hinges to mount your rear systems to your van any longer. 

  • All TIG welded aluminum construction
  • Powder-coated Black (dual-layer powder)
  • Loads up to 205lbs – keep heavier items on the lower ½ of the MBXL
  • DIY - Easy to follow very detailed install instructions and video
  • 4 point mount system (holes will need to be drilled for mounting - easy process with clear instructions. View the strain/load test here.
  • Works for VS30 vans (2019 and Present) 2500, 3500, 4x4 & 4x2
  • Not intended for E-Bikes or bikes over 30lbs, see the XBR PRODUCT
  • May cause backup sensors to ping when reversing (varies by van)
  • Dimensions:

         MBXL    Vertical 71”  Width 30”

Designed and completely manufactured in Denver, Colorado 

Note: Rear door should be closed carefully/purposely, with a firm, controlled closure. 

Note: Works on both 270 and 180 hinge style… SAVE OUR MONEY, no need to change out your hinges! 

** Installation is $400 at our facility – call for install appointment (720)-375-3119 – we are happy to help you!

Note: Mounting bikes vertically for ease of loading and unloading is no problem with MBXL series of Sprinter attachments. This product is not intended to mount E-Bikes vertically. Always use the manufacturer’s vehicle kit and all components including safety straps of the manufacturer’s bicycle rack when mounting bikes vertically.

Note: mounting anything to a painted or powder-coated surface can leave small abrasions or marks on the surface of the product. All JERK Engineered Products systems are finished with dual-layer powder coating for durability. Scuffs and surface scratches due to customers’ mounting and moving of items is considered normal wear-and-tear, and is not covered under warranty but call us and let’s find a solution to your issue together. 

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